Marriage Dissolution/ Divorce Appraisal Services

Regardless of whether the dissolution of a marriage occurs through amicable settlement, third-party mediation or divorce court proceedings, the appraisal of the couple’s property is one of the most important factors in establishing the division of assets and terms of settlement. The appraisal of real estate for the purpose of marriage dissolution must be timely, accurate, and un-biased.
Out of all of the decisions that a couple must make when finalizing their divorce, what to do with the house is often one of the biggest. There are ultimately two possible decisions; the house can be sold and the proceeds of the property can be split between two parties, or one party can buy the other out and retain possession of the house.

Regardless of whether one spouse decides to keep the house or not, an appraisal must be performed. Divorce appraisals (or dissolution of marriage appraisals) state the fair market value of the house and are defensible in court. Our professionals can perform this valuation so that it will meet the requirements of the courts and various other agencies.

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Divorce appraisals

While property appraisals are most often associated with lending transactions (i.e., new home purchases or refinancing of an existing loan) there are in fact many non-lending related scenarios, in which an appraisal is required. Attorneys and accountants rely on an appraiser’s professional opinion of value when calculating real property values for estates, divorces, bankruptcy, and other disputes/ settlements requiring a determination of value for real property. At Adelman Appraisals, inc., we understand the specific needs of these professionals and are experienced in interacting with all parties involved. We provide appraisal reports that meet the stringent requirements of the courts and various governmental and private agencies.


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